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Welcome to a World of Unlimited Opportunity

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about my business –I can’t wait to share the details about this company that I love so much!


How to Join me and launch a creative Business!

Do you want to add to the household finances so you can say “yes” to your kids more often? What if you could do just that by creating pretty things. Enjoy creating, crafting and DIY-ing your days away? 

 There’s a variety of ways to make money with your new business. Whether you want to sell craft kits, hold workshops or just make pretty things, there’s an avenue for you! With your generous personal discount, you can really increase the profit margins on your pretty things!

Earn income while building a team!

Team building is not required but with a generous compensation plan like ours, why not?!

Don’t feel like you know enough to train new Designers? You don’t have to! We have over 10+ years of experience leading and training teams. We can take that over for you while you just start sharing the Chalk Couture love!

Check out our current Starter kit!

Starter kits are just $99 and retail for over $240 of product! They’re always full of the newest, trendiest designs and colors to prepare you for showing off the amazingness of Chalk Couture. We even have a video for you showing a number of ways to use your kit for demos!

I’ve heard enough! This is amazing and I want in….now!

Here’s what you can expect in your business:


As a member of our fast growing team you’ll have all the support you need. Our team is like a family, we’re there for you throughout your journey and you’ll have unlimited support to keep you inspired and moving forward!


Earn up to 40% instant commission on all product sales with inventory you keep on hand and 25% of website sales.

We also have generous bonuses for getting off to a fast start, high sales volumes and more!


Dreamed of seeing the world?

You can travel for free with Chalk Couture!

Earning all expense paid trips is an amazing perk for just working your business. Designers have been all over the world and right here at home. 


Love to be recognized? Earn all the praise you deserve for rocking your business!

Earn weekly, monthly and annual recognition. Earn trips, public shoutouts, drawing entries & business supplies for workin’ it. 


You’re the boss so you can choose the hours that fit your lifestyle and needs!

We have big camping & adventure plans this year…and with our business we can still make money while on the road. With both of us working our business full time, it allows us the freedom to travel wherever and whenever we want.   


Never compromise your core values, family, or self-care for work again.

You get to choose to be available for the moments that matter. No more making tough decisions.


Work your business as a side hustle or become a leader. The choice is yours!

The sky is the limit! Want to earn a few hundred dollars? You can do that!

Want to replace full time income and more, It’s possible here! We’re the proof!


Take advantage of never-ending opportunities for personal development.

Learn from your team, learn from your leaders and learn just what you can do! 

You’ll grow in ways you didn’t think possible, and you’ll find that the skills you learn will translate to many aspects of your life!

How much can I earn selling products as a Designer with Chalk Couture

Your potential for earning is literally unlimited. With hustle and heart, you can reach the sky. Most Designers who earn money through Chalk Couture do so by selling products. That’s because our compensation plan is phenomenal. To begin with, when you order products at your Designer Price and resell at retail, you typically earn 40% commission—that’s virtually unheard of in direct sales. You’ll also earn a 25% commission on your online sales.

Create Your Own Future

Designers enjoy freedom, fun, and the potential to live their best life. You’ll get a meaningful, flexible income opportunity (and a cool way to work from home). It’s a great time to join the high-end DIY revolution!

Earn The Way YOU want to Earn

There are so many ways to make money with Chalk Couture below are just three examples:

Profit on Sales

Earn 40% instant commissions on inventory you hold as well as 25% commissions on website orders!

Share your love of Chalk Couture with people and earn an income while doing it! 

We will show you how!

Create Finished Products

You can also earn by creating beautiful things and selling those!

This is where the creative fun lives!! Want to sell on Etsy, amazon, local stores, your own website and more? You can do that!

Dream it, create it, sell it!

Grow a Team

If you choose to share the business opportunity and grow a team of Designers, you can earn a commission on their sales when you help them grow!

You can also earn additional bonuses such as Fast Start programs, high volume seller programs, product credit and more!

More Than Just a Business

It’s a New Beginning

Come Join The Team and Start Your  New Adventure With Us!

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